Em oi! #315: The View from Down Here

This one is dedicated to my buddy Ray, who is also kicking his novel around to agents, and has been doing so for far longer and with better humor and perseverance than I can imagine.  It’s also dedicated to all the agents who have to spend their days wading through the barely literate queries they receive – having done some freelance editing, I know firsthand how well most people write.  A lot of agencies will say, “If you don’t hear from us in 5 weeks, take it as a no.”  I don’t blame them – they must get an awful lot of crap.

But if you could get back to me about You Can’t Make it Better, But You Can Make it Different, that would be great.  Also, if you are, by some crazy random happenstance, an agent who is reading this comic and interested in a great literary mystery, drop me an email at ehlupton[AT]gmail[dot]com.

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PN163 .L86 2010

which is

Literature (General) — Authorship — Authorship as a profession.  Ethics.  Relations.  Social conditions of authors, etc. — Literary agents.

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